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Welcome to your Worldwide Supplier

Panaceb International Corp. stands alone in its ability to provide personalized service, a complete products lines and fast delivery anywhere in the world. Our customers know that we are more than just a supplier, with our personalized sales teams and distributions network, you get the products that you need when you want them. We offers you a worry-free experience, we take care of each single step, from the searching of product to the purchase order, from production to delivery.


Our extensive manufactoring network gives us access to hundreds of factories producing a wide range of costumer goods that will help you to get the products that you are looking for. When you partner with us, your company can spend more time dveloping markets and providing superior customer service, while we take care of your needs. As an import company, we will make sure you will follow all the necessary documentation to import your product without any restriction or retention because of a failure or inappropiate filling of the importation process and requirement. We will guide you through all the necessary process of importing your product successfully.


If you are looking for a partner that will help you reach a worldwide market, we are the company that will help you develop it. Representing your product as an exclusive agent, we know how to expand your market. As an export company, we will take care of your product. We will prepare all documents necessary to export your goods from the country of origin, following all the rules and regulation necessary to accomplish the delivery of then in the timely manner. We will take care as well of the packing, product quality and delivery to your destination.

Our Services

Panaceb International Corp is headquartered in Miami, FL, with offices in Panama City, Panama and Guangdong, China, we provide to our customers a diversified delivery options. Some of the services that we provide are as follow:

Biodegradable Products

The importance of biodegradable products has been emphasized by the rapid growth of plastic waste production in the world. The creation of biodegradable products is lowering the pollution rates in the world, making people aware of this eco-friendly replacement to plastic and many more who are making the switch to biodegradables.

Research shows that about 500 million plastic straws are used every day in the US alone. People are becoming aware of this alarming increase, converting into paper straw users. Both eco-friendly and affordable, they are a favored product to many businesses who strive to protect the enviroment.


New Catalogs

We are a company that is always searching for new and innovated product for all our client. Here you will some of the product that we have supplied to our customers.